Massage Therapists

Amber Desmond, LMBT

'My ultimate goal as a massage therapist is to provide pain relief, relaxation, and a deeper awareness of one’s body.'

For those looking for deep relaxation as well as pain relief, Amber Desmond is your gal!

After 13 years of experience, Amber has mastered a balance between therapeutic massage for pain relief and deep relaxation for stress relief through the use of hot salt stones, warm towels, and essential oils. Each session is crafted for each individual’s needs and desires. Amber is magnificent in both deep tissue massage as well as holistic massage, combining the two to create the ultimate experience for the client.

Since relocating to the mountains of Asheville, NC, Amber’s practice has deepened on what originally inspired her about massage therapy in the first place…serving people. Her ultimate goal as a massage therapist is to provide pain relief, relaxation, and a deeper awareness of one’s body. She provides therapeutic, deep tissue, and hot stone massages at the studio.

Amber is also a women’s life coach. Just as massage improves our body awareness and helps us move freely, coaching increases our mental and emotional awareness to help us navigate life’s challenges more freely. Sessions are available in-person at the studio, online via a Skype-like video chat, or over the phone.

    Zach Brown, LMBT

    'My goal is to get people out of pain and back to living their lives.'

    My journey with bodywork began out of a need to heal myself. Years ago I experienced a back spasm that left me resting on the couch for a day. Still young and headstrong, I neglected to seek professional treatment. This eventually led to more frequent and increasingly painful back spasms lasting a week or more each time. Even after the spasms ended, the pain persisted and spread as the surrounding muscles and tissues became overloaded.

    I eventually found pain relief through exercise and yoga, but I also became aware that there were still areas of tension deep within my body that needed to be released. Only after receiving regular clinical massage therapy did I feel completely pain free. At that point I knew I had to become a licensed massage therapist and help others.

    I set out to find a school with a strong focus on clinical massage and structural bodywork. It wasn’t long before I found the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork and enrolled shortly after learning that the founder, Kyle Wright, had nearly 30 years of clinical massage experience working along side top pain relief specialists including neurologists and orthopedic specialists. Under Kyle’s direction, I not only learned manual techniques for treatment but also the underlying principals about how pain originates and how our bodies adapt. I continually educate myself on anatomy, physiology, and bodywork techniques that will enable me to better serve my clients.

    Living with chronic pain is not only physically exhausting, but can be emotionally depressing as well. The simple pleasures in life can become challenging and true joy and excitement may seem impossible. My goal is to get people out of pain and back to living their lives. If I can provide some relief from pain and improve your quality of life, then I’ve done my job.