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Deep Tissue Massage Doesn’t Have To Hurt!

Deep tissue massage has a gotten a reputation for being painful and it’s not uncommon for some new clients to get a fearful look in their eyes when I merely mention working deeper muscle tissue. When asked what their understanding of deep tissue massage is, quite often the answer is “It hurts!“. Let’s be clear….deep tissue

Massage Gift Certificates

2014 Holiday Gift Certificates

It’s that time of year when we like to be especially grateful for our blessings, and that includes you! Working with such amazing people is what truly makes this work worthwhile. To show our gratitude, we’re offering a special on massage gift certificates for a limited time. Buy One Gift Certificate For a 90-minute Massage

Amber Desmond, Massage Therapist

New Massage Therapist Joins The Studio

Until now, Brown Mountain Bodywork has consisted of just me, practicing mostly deep tissue massage, structural bodywork, and trigger point therapy for targeted pain relief. I’m now proud to welcome a new team member, Amber Desmond, and share her skill and talent with you! Amber has been a licensed massage therapist for over 10 years. Her experience consists

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Types of Massage: What’s the Difference?!

I recently came across an article on explaining some of the more popular forms of massage and who they are best suited for. The initial question driving the article (“What’s the difference between all these types of massages?”) is a common one, and one of the many reasons why I feel there is a

Physical Therapists Say ‘Goodbye’ to Heating Pads?

Clients routinely ask what they can do on their own for pain relief. My recommendation for everyone is exercise and yoga (for increased strength, balance, and flexibility), but I also recommend heat in some cases too. A heating pad, steam room, or hot bath can be great for your tissue. Muscles that are chronically tight

thoracic outlet syndrome

“Text Neck” & Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

“Text neck” is a term that’s becoming more popular to describe general neck pain associated with texting. Text neck isn’t just a result of texting but includes widespread smartphone and tablet use in general. A recent segment on Huffington Post’s “Screen Sense” provides a brief overview into the problems screens (computers, phones, and tablets) are

deep tissue massage

3 Misconceptions About Deep Tissue Massage

The term “deep tissue” has become quite popular when describing more therapeutic forms of massage and bodywork. Deep tissue massage simply means that the therapist is targeting the soft tissue beneath the superficial layers of the body. When performed appropriately, it’s quite effective as a method of pain relief. Unfortunately, there are quite a few misconceptions

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New Gift Certificates Hot Off The Press

  *UPDATE – Gift Certificates are now available to purchase online here. ———————- Last month I ran a ‘Half-Off Holidays’ special, offering gift certificates at 50% until 2014. The online deal made payment and scheduling easy, but lacked the personal touch of being able to give a tangible gift. Several of you asked about good ol’

50% Off Holiday Gift Certificates!

There’s only a few short weeks left in this holiday season. Still have some loved ones to find gifts for? How about treating them to a massage? For the rest of the year, gift certificates are available at 50% off! Choose from 60-minutes or 90-minutes, and recipients may add 30 minutes for only $20. *New

Clinical Massage Studio

New Downtown Studio & Deep Discounts

I recently moved into a new studio conveniently located just north of downtown Asheville, only a block away from Green Life and Asheville Yoga Center. To spread the word about the new studio, I’m offering two deals: 90-minutes @ 30% off or 60-minutes @ 25% off. This is a great way to get familiar with the new studio or give someone