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tennis elbow and deep tissue massage

Client Review: Tennis Elbow & True Deep Tissue Massage

This summer has been the season of “tennis elbow” at Brown Mountain Bodywork. We’ve been treating numerous clients that were experiencing elbow pain during or shortly after playing tennis. Commonly known as “tennis elbow”, lateral epicondylitis is essentially tendonitis resulting from overuse of the wrist extensor muscles in the forearm. These muscles are critically important

Asheville massage review

Client Review: Pain Relief & Warm Salt Stones

Jan has been coming to see Amber periodically for almost a year now and is a great example of how pain relief doesn’t have to mean “deep tissue” or “medical massage“. Amber frequently uses warm Himalayan salt stones to warm the tissue and bring an extra dimension of deep relaxation to her massages. Amber is

pain free and exercising

Client Review: “…pain free and able to start exercising…”

The most important line in this Yelp review is “…I was pain free and able to start exercising again“. A pattern I see all too often is that when people start to experience discomfort and pain in their bodies, they stop being as active. It’s natural. It’s hard to be active when we’re in pain,

5 star Yelp review

Client Review: “…best massage of my life…”

Just received this touching review on Yelp! I only hope I can continue to deliver this kind of experience to every one of my clients. 😉   “I had the best massage of my life with Zach Brown. It felt very integrative–he wasn’t just working on my body part by part separately, but as a