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tennis elbow and deep tissue massage

Client Review: Tennis Elbow & True Deep Tissue Massage

This summer has been the season of “tennis elbow” at Brown Mountain Bodywork. We’ve been treating numerous clients that were experiencing elbow pain during or shortly after playing tennis. Commonly known as “tennis elbow”, lateral epicondylitis is essentially tendonitis resulting from overuse of the wrist extensor muscles in the forearm. These muscles are critically important

runner with plantar fasciitis

Sports Massage For Runners With Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common complaints from runners that come in for sports massage. They may only experience a mild discomfort in the heel first thing in the morning, and others may have moderate to severe pain on a regular basis. The name sounds quite menacing, and for some runners it can be, but essentially “plantar fasciitis” just

quadrangular space

Quadrilateral (Quadrangular) Space Syndrome

Quadrilateral (or quadrangular) space syndrome is a situation where the axillary nerve in the posterior shoulder becomes compressed. Symptoms often include a dull shoulder ache and numbness or tingling down the arm, and can worsen when the arm is raised in the abducted position.

deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage Doesn’t Have To Hurt!

Deep tissue massage has a gotten a reputation for being painful and it’s not uncommon for some new clients to get a fearful look in their eyes when I merely mention working deeper muscle tissue. When asked what their understanding of deep tissue massage is, quite often the answer is “It hurts!“. Let’s be clear….deep tissue

mountain bike race

Sports Massage Benefits & Timeline for Cyclists

Sports massage enhances performance, relieves pain, and improves circulation. Best times for pre and post-event sports massage.

Ted Talk on Sports Achievements

Are Athletes Really Getting Faster & Stronger? [VIDEO]

Are today’s athletes really faster and stronger than they used to be? Well…sort of. If we look at the achievements in sports over the last century, it seems as though modern athletes must be super-human when compared to their counterparts from decades ago. In this Ted Talk, journalist David Epstein covers the evolution of sporting achievements through recent

deep tissue massage

3 Misconceptions About Deep Tissue Massage

The term “deep tissue” has become quite popular when describing more therapeutic forms of massage and bodywork. Deep tissue massage simply means that the therapist is targeting the soft tissue beneath the superficial layers of the body. When performed appropriately, it’s quite effective as a method of pain relief. Unfortunately, there are quite a few misconceptions