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Brown Mountain Bodywork Redesign

Brown Mountain Bodywork started over 10 years ago with humble beginnings. One room, one therapist. No fancy marketing or even a logo. The approach was simple…get people on the table, do great bodywork, repeat. 🤷🏻‍♂️

But as the years have gone by and the team has grown, we needed a fresh “face” to represent the new studio we’ve grown into. So after months of brainstorming, designing, and coding we’re pleased to share the launch of our shiny new website and logo!

We wanted a look that would communicate our dedication to the wonder and awe of the human body, but also the deep connection to the natural beauty of western North Carolina that so many of our clients cherish and embrace. Outdoor sports and activities are such an important part of our community…from hiking, biking, climbing, paddling, and running, to gardening and farming. These are just a few of the many activities that we help clients return to and excel at.

Pain relief is a huge part of our practice, but most often the actual pain isn’t the main issue for our clients. The real problem lies in what they’ve had to sacrifice because of their pain. For many, it’s the simply ability to play in the dirt or even “play” at all.

So the logo is a nod to the silhouette of our beautiful Appalachian mountains, but also represents the landscape of our bodies shaped by the contours of our many unique and individual muscles. Each peak and valley is a neighborhood of it’s own, yet connects with others nearby to create a dynamic chain capable of so much more when acting together than individually.

The body is a brilliant collection of trillions of cells, combining in such a particular way as to create the tissues and organs that allow us to breath, think, move, laugh, and love. Each singular part joining together to form a functional system, and then integrates with other systems to become a new entity even greater than the sum of those parts. And on and on the story goes. 🌀

As always, we thank you for trusting us with your health and wellness. It’s such a pleasure getting to know each of you and assisting you in achieving your goals. Whether pain relief, performance, or something in between…we got you. 👊🏽

Stay curious and embody the journey, kids! 🤸🏽