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hot stone massage

The hot stone massage that you’ve (probably) never had!

Our hot stone massage is not what you typically experience at a traditional spa. Warm stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands to massage tense muscles, allowing for a deeper, more therapeutic massage than what is commonly offered. Hand and stone become one to target and alleviate muscle tension.

Hot towels are incorporated into your session to further relax muscles and quiet your nervous system. Himalayan salt stones may also be used to add additional therapeutic benefits. As always, pressure is customized to suit your needs.

Hot Stone Massage FAQs

What is hot stone massage therapy?

Hot stone massage is similar to a traditional Swedish massage but incorporates the use of heated rocks to assist in the release of muscle tension.

Who is hot stone massage good for?

The short answer is “everyone”, but we often recommend it to those that like heat or prefer the therapeutic effects of a deeper massage.

How much time should I book?

The short answer is “it depends”. It depends on the nature of your goals, your overall muscle mass, how long it’s been since your last treatment, etc. Longer sessions are generally better because they provide your body time to relax, allowing for deeper work. However, shorter treatments can still be very therapeutic. Most new clients schedule an initial visit of at least an hour. After an initial visit, I can recommend a treatment plan based on my assessment.

How often should I get a hot stone massage?

It depends on your level of activity (frequency and intensity), the nature of your goals, your overall muscle mass, etc. After an initial visit, we can recommend a treatment plan based on our assessment.

Do you accept insurance?

Sorry, but we do not accept health insurance or Medicaid at this time. Please let us know if you need a receipt for reimbursement.

However, there are some instances where you may be able to receive full reimbursement or partial payment assistance through other forms of insurance.

Session Time Rate
60 minutes $110
90 minutes $160
120 minutes $210

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