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One of the great things about being massage therapists is the feedback we receive from clients after a session.

Sometimes it’s the look in their eyes when they realize they can once again move without pain and sometimes it’s just a simple “thank you”.

Here’s what previous clients have to say about our work:

Knowledgeable and effective massage custom to my body instead of following a script.
Amanda K.

Grace’s knowledge of anatomy/physiology is only surpassed by her powerful, yet intuitive touch and sincere interest in the client’s feedback (historical stuff like injuries, as well as moment to moment). I’ve had a TON of bodywork over 35 yrs as an athlete (competitive and rec) and I am VERY happy to have found her. I will be back.
Chris G., MMA Fighter

Grace was incredibly attentive to the problem areas I’ve been dealing with for weeks. She was professional and very informative through out the entire massage. The treatment she provided was like no other that I’ve experienced in 25 years for a reoccurring sciatica issue.
Jeff M.

My sports massage with Grace Alex was among the very best I’ve ever received. My arm and back both feel like new. I’ll be back enthusiastically for maintenance as needed.
Dan C., Baseball Player

Brown Mountain was referred to me by my acupuncturist. I’ve had pain around my hip/thighs for years. After my first 90 minute session with Grace, my hip is soooo much better! She is very knowledgeable about how all the muscles all connect and she can really find the deep tight muscles. I highly recommend her.
Melanie S.

Grace Alex is a wonderful addition to Brown Mountain Bodywork!! I received a 90 minute massage from her and felt great after she was finished. Her pressure was excellent, she checked in with me often to make sure the pressure was just right. She has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and trigger points. I recommend Grace with no reservations!!!
Jerry L., Massage Therapist

I am regaining mobility in my shoulder! After months of ongoing discomfort, periodic pain, stiffness and inability to lift my arm over my head, I have had a breakthrough after our last session. I am so relieved to see improvement! Thank you so much Grace!
Nanette A.

My acupuncturist recommended Brown Mtn Bodywork, I’m so glad I went!! Grace was exceptionally in tune with my body and some of my concerns. She listened to me and my concerns and I’m so pleased with the results of my massage. She was incredible and its def in the top 2 massages I’ve ever had in my life(I’ve had ALOT)….her follow through was great and even gave me some at home exercises to help improve with my shoulder rotation. Can’t wait till my next appt!!
Naomi G.

Grace did a fantastic job! She checks in to make sure the pressure is alright and takes feedback well if she happens to apply too much pressure in an area. She took time to explain what she found after she was done and had recommendations for what I could do to reinforce her work while at home. I look forward to having her continue her work on my back and shoulders.
J. Henry

Grace Alex worked wonders on my whole body in order to address a shoulder injury and long-term compensation pain from other injuries. Very professional, communicative, and thorough. Highly recommended!
Ellison G.

I discovered Brown Mountain Bodywork when I first moved here. Grace has been the best massage therapist I’ve ever had. She tunes in to what needs to be addressed from an intuitive, caring and determined enthusiasm that leaves you feeling well taken care of long after you’ve left the table.
Virginia L.

Feel like I’m finally getting some relief from a problem that has affected my comfort for years. Highly recommend!
Lex P.

For the past year, Grace has helped improve my overall health. She listens to my needs and effectively targets my muscle pain with a variety of techniques. She shares her wealth of knowledge by showing me how to utilize stretches and breathing techniques to help me feel better even when we’re not together. Her pleasant personality is welcoming and I always leave feeling refreshed.
Rachel S., Master Gardener

Every time I work with Grace, I am amazed. I didn’t know much about massage therapy before I started working with her but she has helped me to change my relationship with my body in an incredible way. I’ve always been a musician but I’ve never been able to use my body like I have since I’ve been working with Grace.
Patrick N., Classical Cellist

I am a physical therapist, and I am VERY picky and critical when it comes to massage therapists. I have been to a ton trying to find someone that I consider “excellent.” Amber Desmond was my home run!! She is professional, welcoming, has an excellence sense of the human body, and best of all, is a wonderful technician. She is fluid with her technique, and it comes natural to her like a dance. Can’t say enough good things. I have FINALLY found the perfect massage…And THAT’s saying a lot.

Debbie G., Physical Therapist

I had such an AMAZING massage from Amber! From the moment she met with me I felt welcomed by her warmth, care and knowledge of her craft. She took time to focus on my pain points in the session, and also helping me set a workable plan moving forward. My body felt better than it has in months and months after just 90 minutes with her! She is absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend her if you are looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable massage therapist.

Harper R.

Amber was awesome! I have had massages for more than 20 years and she is one of the best therapists I’ve had. So glad to have found her!
Elizabeth T.

One of the most profound treatments I’ve ever received! Amber is truly gifted at what she does, and I left feeling deeply relaxed and more myself than I have in a long time.

Sara G.

My husband and I are both Massage Therapist/Bodyworkers. He surprised me with a massage session with Amber. It was the PERFECT massage for me. The pressure was deep but not painful,;the flow and rhythm of her work was totally relaxing and the use of hot stones put me away. Needless to say we’ve already rescheduled, even though we’re an hour apart! Thank you Amber!

Merry Linden, Massage Therapist

Amber is very intuitive and generous with her massage work. She is thorough and gives a well-balanced massage with the perfect amount of pressure. She made my massage extra comfortable, relaxing, and stress-relieving. I loved the heated salt stones and the aromatherapy. Thank you!

Myriah S.

I feel lucky to have a good massage therapist right in the neighborhood! Amber is very nice, professional, and besides giving a wonderful massage, she’s willing to share helpful information.

Audrey K.

Amber is great! She puts a lot of care into her massages and makes sure you are comfortable. I have chronic hip and IT band issues, and Amber’s massages help the healing process. I left feeling on cloud nine!

Amanda S.

Amber is a wonderful massage therapist. She took in all my injury information efficiently and with great understanding, and immediately seemed to know exactly what I needed. The hot stones are amazing, and her presence, care, and intuition are remarkable. I was so grateful to receive bodywork from her! I highly, highly recommend Amber and Brown Mountain Bodywork.

Gavin L., Yelp

Amber is fabulous! She connects easily with me and offers support for physical discomforts I identify as well as ones she discovers. Her massage skills stretch and work my painful areas but also provide comfort. I especially love the warm salt rubs… Nothing like it!

Jan S., Teacher

Just had a massage and she pulled pain out of my body in places I didn’t even know were hurting. SO intuitive, and such a compassionate, safe, loving holder of space as she releases memories stored in your tissues. I’m actually frustrated by my inability to recommend this healing goddess highly enough!!! Everyone in Asheville go see her & her magical hands!! I’m going to go bounce around in my insanely pain-free body!

Casey Arden, Artist

I rate Amber 5 Stars — 6+, if I were allowed to give a higher rating. Amber was very generous and gave me an absolutely terrific massage in every way. I had wanted to experience the heated salt stones and am so glad I did. It was delightful and I will schedule more sessions with her for sure!

Stephanie B.

This was my first experience with hot stones, and I LOVED the combo of the oils Amber used and the heat of the stones! Amber was very thorough and very kind– I relaxed to the point of half sleeping. I will definitely be back for more and am considering monthly massages for my fatigued muscles.

Jenny Lane

Amber is amazing. I went in for a full-body massage just to relax, and she knew exactly where I held tension in my body (some I didn’t even know about!). She used hot stones, which felt wonderful. That extra little warmth on the skin really helps loosen up. Amber is super friendly and welcoming… I felt right at home. I highly recommend!

Gab R., Pilates Instructor

A tremendously relaxing session with a deeply caring and skilled massage therapist. I got the kinks worked out while being perfectly relaxed. Heavenly!

Jessica W., Massage Therapist

Always a great and personalized massage from Amber. Very soothing— Highly recommend !

Debbie R., Retired

Amber is absolutely amazing! She uses hot stones after massaging you to really get in deep and heat areas that need to release. I never knew hot stones could be so effective and heavenly feeling until Amber’s massages.

Amanda Reid, Hair Stylist

Amber is amazing as always. Really took the time to focus on the areas I was hurting the most. Nice, relaxing environment…I never want to leave! 🙂

Roz M., Account Manager

Amber was amazing! She was communicative about what I needed and wanted from my massage, then completely and totally exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Kati Swinney, Teacher

Amber’s massage is very thorough and thoughtful. She extends to her clients her thoughtfulness and generosity, not to mention her extensive knowledge of massage. She imbues each of her sessions with her own unique warmth and strength. Amber’s personal radiance and positivity are felt, quite literally, through her massages. A holistic experience!

Caitlin Morehouse, Interior Designer

I am a hairstylist and my arms, shoulders, and neck are always super tense because of the nature of my job. Amber is the only massage therapist I’ve had who has been able to successfully relieve the stress and tension from my problem spots. She is an amazing massage therapist and healer. I highly recommend her!

Jenn Meyer, Hair Stylist

Amber’s Himalayan Salt Stone Massage is really incredible! She listens to your current aches and pains and relieves them with a great massage. I highly recommend this massage!

Reuben H.

Zach is an expert at medical massage. He is working on muscle/tendon rehab after my surgery and has improved my quality of physical life substantially. Recommend him highly. Comfortable space too!
Gregory S., Retired

Beautiful facility, quiet, clean, Zach took his time explaining the treatment as this was very different from what I had experienced in the past. Incredibly effective for someone who suffers from chronic pain as I have for years. Zach is very knowledgeable and caring, which makes him an amazing massage therapist.
Hélène E., Esthetician

Visitor to Asheville who locked up my back the first day. Psoas and QL issues made all movement painful. Found Zach on the web and he was great! He understands deep tissue, trigger point and active release as they relate to total anatomy. It is rare to find someone who has this strong an understanding. Brought great relief. Thanks Zach.
Karla Foster

I have been looking for an Asheville massage therapist who can do a true deep tissue massage for years and finally found Zach! Zach is knowledgeable, professional and focuses on thgre areas in need. He has been helping my tennis elbow, and all the related tight muscles from playing tennis and being active. Thanks for keeping me going Zach!
T Shapiro, Tennis Player

This guy really knows what he’s doing! Lots of detail to specific muscles, tailored to your level of pressure. I got some amazing pain relief, it was surprising how much it helped.
Toni S

As a massage therapist of 12 years, I am extremely selective on choosing a massage therapist. Ive been having hip and low back pain for over 5 years now and have been to several other bodyworkers with no relief. After one session with Zach, I was pain free and able to start exercising again. I have been working with him weekly and I am absolutely thrilled I found him. His bodywork is mindful, very specific, and he is excellent at problem solving. He has a skill at meeting your exact pressure needs where the work is deep, but you are really able to let go. If you are looking for true pain management through massage, you will not be disappointed with Zach.

Melissa P, Massage Therapist

For over one year I had been plagued with a combination of golfers and tennis elbow. With other providers I had tried pressure point massage , prolotherapy, ART, and steroid therapy all with no results. After a few sessions with Zach the pain is gone and I can once again enjoy my golf game. Zach is courteous, professional, and his deep body therapy massage gets results. Highly recommended!

Doug H

If you are looking for a truly exceptional massage, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Zach. He is thorough, professional, intuitive but also highly skilled at understanding and treating injuries and problem areas. I was very impressed at his knowledge, ability to tailor a perfect massage for my individual needs and his gentle, calm presence. I will be going back as soon as possible! Thank you Zach!

Aimee M

I had my first appointment about 3 weeks ago and was looking forward to my second appointment today. I can’t believe the positive progress with just the first visit. The second one went just as well. Already made my 3rd appointment. Just what I need to help recover from a pinched nerve.

Susan Whisenhunt, PhD

Zach is a great therapist…He works with a focused and steady hand, confidently working each specific muscle and problem area. I would definitely recommend seeing him if you have some muscular pain.

Michael Sitzer, Massage Therapist & Instructor

In the past, I’ve had massages with Zach for relaxation and to support well-being, but after falling and fracturing my arm in February, I asked him for a very specific massage—to break up the muscle adhesions resulting from having worn a sling for eight weeks. Zach’s focused work on my arm had immediate results. The tightness and pain I had felt were gone after the massage, and my range of motion improved substantially following this one treatment. I recommend collateral massage along with physical therapy after an injury, and strongly recommend Zach, who is extremely knowledgable and skilled. Thank you, Zach! I’m scheduling my next massage right now.

Anne deBuys

I have chronic neck and shoulder pain due to the work that I do so Zach tailored the massage to meet my specific needs. With his knowledge and expertise on the body and muscles he was able to target the source of my pain and alleviate it. I am super happy and will definitely be back!

Jenn Meyer, Hair Stylist

If you’re looking for a massage therapist that knows how to work deeply on the psoas muscle thereby creating a tremendous lasting relaxation then Zack is your therapist! It seems that I’m getting better with each 1.5 hr session and it’s one of my monthly self care routines.

Laura Lefèvre

This by far, was the best massage I have ever had. Zach is very professional. Lots of detail to individualized needs, very knowledgeable and allows the client to have complete control of pressure. I would definitely recommend him & will return!!

Laura M., Groupon Customer

After a massage with Zach, I can feel my energy flowing more smoothly and tight areas of tension gone. Zach has a wonderful calming presence and an intuitive sense of where to go to work on problem areas in my body that are difficult for me to access on my own. I believe Zach has a special gift for healing and helping me to feel good. I highly recommend him!

Gayle Jann, Yoga Instructor

I can definitely attest to the benefits of your treatments. The half hour you worked on my shoulder was painless and super beneficial. Chronic pain addressed and banished!

Hannah Desmond, Wedding Officiant

I’ve been in lower back pain for a couple of months, and no amount of yoga, foam rollers or stretching could get it to loosen up. 60 minutes with Zach, now its no problem! Go see this dude. Seriously.

Anna Ferguson, Yoga Therapist

You have no idea! Hands down, the best bodywork I’ve ever received!

Rebecca Valero, Designer

I really enjoyed my visit to Brown Mountain Bodywork. Great location and easy parking. Zach’s massage was perfect. I am a massage therapist, so I am picky, and I was totally loving the neck and low back work he did! Thanks, Zach.

Jill Burynski, Massage Therapist & Instructor

Very knowledgeable and skilled professional. So lucky and happy to have found someone this tuned in to what my body needed, I will definitely recommend to anyone who wants a great massage.

Janis H.

Zach is a highly professional and skilled massage therapist. On my first visit to his office he put me at ease immediately. I explained I had shoulder pain, he asked several questions, asked me to do some arm movements and assessed my problem quickly. His body work is comforting, healing and professional. I highly recommend you visit Zach’s office for a great therapeutic massage.

Sherrie D.

Zach Brown is sincere, compassionate, and knowledgeable in his work. I felt as though each movement had intention, was executed with great care, and was skillfully tailored to my therapeutic needs and desired level of pressure and depth.

Jenne S

I had a 90 minute massage. The time flew by. I got totally relaxed and just transported in a calm world. I am usually fidgety when it last that long. Zach is a truly talented therapist. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Reina Kegan

Zach did a fantastic job. He was professional, friendly and most importantly knows his craft. Well worth it.

Wyeth Lawson, Medical Student

Zach Brown embodies fully what I seek in a massage therapist–astute knowledge of the body, listening skills through ears, mind, and heart, a healing touch, and intuition through the bodywork to know what a client needs even when one may not. Do yourself one kind favor and book a massage with him immediately and gift yourself liberation and relaxation.

Lulu Edmonds

I have been suffering for years with chronic back pain which affects most of my body and just one appointment with Zach released so much pain that my whole body felt relaxed, almost fell asleep during my session it was so amazing, I have a pain Dr and haven’t experienced the help that I got in just one session with Zach, thank you, I will be back….

Kathy C.

I was referred by a friend and so glad. When I saw Zach for the first time and each time thereafter he listens carefully to what my issues are and targets the areas of concern. The immediate relief from pain was wonderful and I am continuing to benefit. I would highly recommend him to others.

D.W., Retired