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pain free and exercising

The most important line in this Yelp review is “…I was pain free and able to start exercising again“. A pattern I see all too often is that when people start to experience discomfort and pain in their bodies, they stop being as active. It’s natural. It’s hard to be active when we’re in pain, and it can be even harder to know when the conventional wisdom of resting an injury is applicable. But ultimately, our bodies are made to move, and when we don’t it slows the physiological processes that help us heal and regenerate dying cells and tissue. Muscles become atrophied and our connective tissues get “sticky”, often continuing the cycle of increased pain and diminished movement.

Exercise including dynamic movement and stretching is some of the best medicine there is, but when we are prevented from being active due to an injury or pain, this can easily set us up for further decline if we do not continue to stimulate and challenge our bodies within the safe limitation of our current abilities.

Yelp massage review


As a massage therapist of 12 years, I am extremely selective on choosing a massage therapist. Ive been having hip and low back pain for over 5 years now and have been to several other bodyworkers with no relief. After one session with Zach, I was pain free and able to start exercising again. I have been working with him weekly and I am absolutely thrilled I found him. His bodywork is mindful, very specific, and he is excellent at problem solving. He has a skill at meeting your exact pressure needs where the work is deep, but you are really able to let go. If you are looking for true pain management through massage, you will not be disappointed with Zach.