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Are today’s athletes really faster and stronger than they used to be? Well…sort of.

If we look at the achievements in sports over the last century, it seems as though modern athletes must be super-human when compared to their counterparts from decades ago. In this Ted Talk, journalist David Epstein covers the evolution of sporting achievements through recent history and illustrates how breaking a world record may not be as monumental as it sounds.

Advances in physical performance are just one factor enabling today’s athletes to shatter records of yesteryear. Another factor David briefly touches on is the limitations the mind places on the body in order to protect it from injury and overexertion. So perhaps a key component to continuing to excel as an athlete requires just as much mental training as physical? We are beginning to see more evidence of the mind’s impact on our health and the power our beliefs have on our bodies down to the cellular level. Regardless of whether the goal is to achieve new heights of physical performance or to heal the body from illness or injury, I suspect more training and treatment protocols in the future will include exercises for the mind. Imagine going to the doctor and instead of receiving a prescription for pain medicine, you are referred to a specialist to guide you in meditation and visualization exercises!