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How Stress Can Make You Sick

How Stress Can Make You Sick [VIDEO]

Chronic stress can have very real physiological effects on our bodies. Muscle tension, headaches, acne, hair loss, fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and sexual disfunction just to name a few!

Sciatica Trigger Points

Trigger Points 101: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

When a client says “muscle knot,” some may automatically think “trigger point”. But the two are not necessarily one in the same. So what are trigger points? The medical community is still uncertain about their exact physiology, but trigger points are behind many daily aches and pains. For those suffering from chronic or persistent pain, finding a massage

Ted Talk on Sports Achievements

Are Athletes Really Getting Faster & Stronger? [VIDEO]

Are today’s athletes really faster and stronger than they used to be? Well…sort of. If we look at the achievements in sports over the last century, it seems as though modern athletes must be super-human when compared to their counterparts from decades ago. In this Ted Talk, journalist David Epstein covers the evolution of sporting achievements through recent


Anatomy of Awesome: Slow Motion Shaolin Warriors (VIDEO)

There are many practices that continue to remind me how amazing the human body is…yoga, breakdancing, and martial arts to name a few. So what do you get when you add Shaolin Warriors, slow motion film, and anatomy? AWESOME!!! Take a gander at these masters of motion fly through the air and get a quick


Good Office Posture 101 (VIDEO)

So many of the clients I see for chronic back pain have desk jobs, which is also a top contributing factor in chronic pain and discomfort of this sort. As a society, even when are not at work we still spend a lot of time sitting…driving, watching TV, personal computer use, etc. It’s hard to