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Asheville Community Yogathon

Next month I’ll be participating in a 24-hour “yogathon” to help raise money for Asheville Community Yoga‘s building expansion project. I’ll spare you all the nitty gritty details about ACY and their expansion, but what I will do is take a minute to share with you one of the many reasons why I feel ACY is important and why I’m asking you to sponsor me in this yogathon.

About 5 years ago, when I was still a professional Internet jockey, I experienced my first muscle spasm in my low back. It was moderately painful, kept me from walking upright, and lasted about a day. This later became the first of many episodes, each becoming increasingly more painful and lasting longer than the one before it. Eventually, the episodes were severely painful and lasted almost a full week. Along with bodywork, yoga became an integral part of my pain relief and continues to help me manage pain on a daily basis. Not only does it help keep me out of pain today, but it was also influential in my decision to become a massage therapist in the first place.

So yoga is also largely responsible for my ability to provide others with pain relief, and ACY has been my yoga headquarters for the past 5 years. Without Asheville Community Yoga, you probably would have never received bodywork from me! There are LOTS of other reasons why ACY deserves our support and I challenge you to discover those on your own. 😉

Please take a moment to chip in and support Asheville Community Yoga in their mission of creating a healthier and more vibrant community!


About Asheville Community Yoga

Asheville Community Yoga offers donation-based yoga classes, special community events, teacher trainings, student immersions and workshops as a 501(c)3 nonprofit center in Asheville, NC. All classes, workshops and events we offer are free for people who truly cannot afford to pay. For those who can pay, the suggested donation amount is $5 to $15 for regular classes and $15+ for special events and workshops. By making yoga available for any budget, we hope to make it accessible to everyone.

We’re building a community center that we hope will be here not only for us and our children but for future generations as well. We want Asheville Community Yoga to be able to serve this area for years to come in the same way it has served tens of thousands of students over the past five years.

Asheville Community Yogathon Flyer


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